Henny Penny

Saw the sky fall once I’ve hid everyday from then, In a hole far from light Darkness has become my friend. Days are daze Nights are just nights, All one moment down here… Continue reading


Tell me Tales untold Told by birds, High from skies Far from moons Free of words. For ears widen Four out of four Forth from shadows, Light on scripted sands Running soles danced… Continue reading

Foreign Language

Pardon her French Set aside by her sweet fair, Tone dialed at a razors pitch Beyond a brightened flare. Before hello Goodbyes a perverse pass, Indue lightened tomorrows Tight rope on fractured glass.… Continue reading

Cruel Summer

Part 1: To the world of cliques, boxing out those who begged for mercy on their knees with touched palms praising the new god flow until the morning rose with dampened shivers weakening… Continue reading

The, “The”

Floating twinge Quicker than eye, Dancing lightning Packing a thunderous wallop in poetic form Of rhythmic ravish Few beguile Flocks behold, The…the… Standing beyond dodged blows Vanguard a movement Swift as crossing hooks… Continue reading

Seeing Stars

Thousands roar, Chanting my praises To return before them To worship me Follow my lead Follow my words, And I, Sweat from the thick warmth Lending my heart to their ears With a… Continue reading

Same-Name Station

  Death from where to Startleft Thinking About YouCultivates mental Fertilizer,Processing a gem like Sierra Lione.Must be a Sweet LifeDiamonds, Not Just MoneyLines the pockets of these Super Rich KidsEscorted through congested streets and crowded skies by Pilot Jones,Fresh off a Crack… Continue reading

Fair Exchange

I asked the clouds to gently fade Before requesting the sun to beam it’s brightest Until I got the chance to beg the moon to draw nearly an arms distance away, Showing her… Continue reading


Sketching paths along my skin As a doodle of to-dos To-dont’s don’t appear on flesh Like carving hieroglyphics on ocean walls. The lines meet to form a conversation of drawings Speaking with images… Continue reading

Beats by Life

The sound…10 instruments of speech Wailing a soundless language That orchestrates words with the world as the symphony; Feeling the soft strums of her violin Daps from my baritones Pounding these concrete keys… Continue reading